• Data analysis and quality process management
    for Manufacturing

    Minitab helps companies reach new levels of operational performance, improve effectiveness and drive innovation using data analysis and quality process management.

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    Strive for performance improvements that drive profitablity.
    Use data analysis to optimize your process.

    Anheuser-Busch Reduces Downtime and Streamlines Production

    Implementing improved procedures reduced planned downtime by 34% and related costs by over $430,000. Learn how Pareto charts, histograms, control charts and other graphs and analysis helped.

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    Harness the power of advanced analytics to identify
    product defects and set benchmarks for quality.

    Machine Learning: The Next Step in Manufacturing Performance

    Over half of the companies we have spoken to globally rate Machine Learning as one of their top challenges impacting business in the next 2-3 years, and many are not sure where to start. You might not be as far behind as you think though. Popular machine learning tools are actually an extension of the modeling tools you already know. We invite you to take a look of how to start today. (60 minutes)

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    Minitab is here to help you unlock the insights in your data.

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    Drive Efficiency in Your Process: 5 Critical Lean Tools

    Lean focuses on maximizing customer value by removing waste and eliminating defects. Lean tools are about understanding the process, looking for waste, preventing mistakes and documenting what you did.

    Case Studies

    Proven Real-world Evidence

    Optimizing Equipment Effectiveness to Drive Increased Production

    The stakes were high for Bobcat. Improving their laser cutting performance promised increased production speeds that equaled nearly $1 million in new equipment installation savings.

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